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What is VR?

At the moment the best way to truly experience immersive virtual reality is through the life-like graphics of today’s pc games, and the freedom of movements inherent in video games in general. But even though today’s PC games are ultra realistic, they are locked on a PC monitor and in order to get a truly life like experience, these games should be played on a virtual reality headset. Experiencing these games in Virtual Reality or VR, means perfectly mimicking real world stereoscopic 3D vision in the games, the same way your eyes see the world in two different angles. And, tracking your head movement by motion sensors to let you look around inside the games.

What is a VR headset?

A PC-Driven Virtual Reality headset that lets you experience virtual reality is basically a headset in the form of ski goggles that consists of an OLED or LCD screen, connected to a PC, divided in half to show Left and Right versions of the same scene for each eye respectively and a head tracking system. Visus, is indeed a PC-Driven Virtual Reality headset that has its own Built-in Head-tracking system, but, uses your smartphone as its wireless PC connected LCD or OLED screen.

VR gameplay VS traditional gameplay

Changing the game experience doesn't have to change the game play. With Visus, you will still play games the way you play best, by ( a gaming) mouse and keyboard. Being immersed and feeling like you're running in the game doesn't mean literally running in the middle of your room for hours; cool but not that practical. So with Visus, the heritage of the PC game play is being kept while VR takes you into an another dimension.

Compatible PC games with Visus:

The ($29, when purchased with Visus) Tridef 3d conversion software, which Visus uses for 3d stereoscopic conversion of PC games to be used in VR, is officially compatible with all major PC games and for new releases or unknown games, Tridef software has an advanced generic profile that can be configured to work with any DirectX-powered PC game until the official profile is released. If you are not sure about the game compatibility, please email us at help@visusvr.com for a quick response. Click here for the current official supported games (not including some of the new releases, which for now, are supported through the advanced generic profile).


All First Person PC (DirectX) games including AAA games like Battlefield, ARMA, Far Cry, Dying Light and Skyrim are compatible. For the first time, being able to feel you are actually holding the gun in ARMA 3, feeling the rush when jumping from building to building in Dying Light, and looking down the cliff in Skyrim, are life-like experiences that can’t be described in words.

adventure open world GAMES

Apart from the typical first person games like Battlefield 4 and ARMA 3, there is a new wave of cool adventure open world games like Drizzlepath that are designed mainly for experiencing being somewhere else. These games range from a nice forest environment to a huge luxury mansion. The majority of these adventure open world games can be downloaded from Steam for under $20. We will provide a list of these games here.


Experience the amazing 8-bit world of Minecraft like Steve does. Experience making homes like Steve does. Fight the zombies like Steve does. Make roller coaster and ride them, just like Steve does. In another words, be Steve and step into the amazing mysterious 8-bit world of Minecraft. Just in case if you don’t know, Steve is the guy in Minecraft with the blue shirt. (Please note because Minecraft is a non-DirectX OpenGL game, it does NOT support the Tridef software and instead it can be converted to stereoscopic 3d with the free Mine-Crift PC software. The link to download the latest stable versions of the Mine-Crift software will be provided here. Even with some heavy shaders, Minecraft is still a simple game and if you don’t have a 600+ Nvidia GTX graphics card, you could just buy the the lowest end GTX 600 or 700 series graphics card for about $100 and step into the amazing world of MInecraft for the first time.)