VisusVR, world's first, consumer ready & wireless PC-driven VR headset

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Visus is the world’s first PC-Driven Virtual Reality headset for PC Gamers, who are consumers and not developers, with advanced practical features and an ultra affordable pricing. It is the "$149 Link" between your Nvidia Gtx powered Gaming PC and your smartphone!

What makes Visus consumer-ready is its ease of use and compatibility with the life-like PC games already on the market and, the ease of use, comes from utilizing the Tridef 3D conversion software and having a dedicated wireless head tracking system with a plug-and-play USB wireless dongle. And what makes Visus ultra affordable is that instead of using a dedicated screen, it takes advantage of the advanced high resolution displays of today’s smartphones and uses Nvidia’s GameStream technology to wirelessly transmit the games’ screen from your PC to your smartphone seamlessly with almost no latency ~27ms.